Alena Furniture

Interior | 2023
Molins de Rei, Catalunya

Modular showroom

Interior | 2015

Modular showroom is a prototype study that explores the different prefabrication possibilities of shipping containers. There are two study cases: 20 feet (≈6,1m) and 40 feet (≈12,2m). The program was required by the construction company and consisted of a technical office and showroom to display the projects that were under construction. The modular system and the rapid assembly allows increasing the surface by easily adding identical containers. This system also offers the possibility of customization of the finishings, becoming a marketing tool. The standard measurements ease the transportation and its reuse. Most of the work can be done in the factory which reduces the construction time and helps with the building process and the quality control. The dry construction system assembly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional construction.


Public | 2022
Maasduinen National Park, Bergen, Limburg (The Netherlands)

The Waterpavilion in Seurenheide is a proposal for the competition published in May 2022 by the City of Bergen (The Netherlands). The project, under the title “Framing Maasduiden”, was highly valued by the jury for formalizing a point of attraction on the lakeside, while preserving the natural environment. The design aims to bring together nature and architecture with the creation of a grid that frames the landscape.