Location: Maasduinen National Park, Bergen, Limburg (The Netherlands)
Year: 2022
Client: Gemeente Bergen
Status: Not built

The Waterpavilion in Seurenheide is a proposal for the competition published in May 2022 by the City of Bergen (The Netherlands). The project, under the title “Framing Maasduiden”, was highly valued by the jury for formalizing a point of attraction on the lakeside, while preserving the natural environment. The design aims to bring together nature and architecture with the creation of a grid that frames the landscape.

  • Team: Més arquitectura & Atelier Ruim

Framing Maasduinen

A pavilion in the landscape

This pavilion offers visitors and passers-by of the Maasduinen National Park, in The Netherlands, priviledged views from different terraces. Its structure is a grid of 4 x 6 m modules, which adapts to the topography of the territory, collecting all the particularities of the landscape.

Dual views

The proposal introduces an architectural object that operates as a frame for the landscape views of the Leukemeer and Seurenheide Lakes. The large trees growing in the surroundings provide a natural roof and blend with the pavilion’s architecture.

Structure and program

The proposal for the Waterpavilion in Seurenheide aims to build a lightweight structure on the bankside of the lake, with the capacity of hosting different activities depending on the season. The contruction is made of wood painted in white, it is a small expression on the lakeside that frames views without being overwhelming.

The program is inserted within the grid through small geometric volumes strategically placed to lead towards different viewpoints. In the pavilion there is a restaurant and public toilets. It can easily accomodate meeting rooms and workshops and spaces for socio-cultural activities. Outside the grid, there is an info point with information about the pavilion and guidance for the Natural Park.