Europan 17

Location: Waalwijk
Year: 2023
Client: Europan 17 / Gemeente Waalwijk
Surface: 11.000 m2

About belts and hats | Firs position at Europan 17 in Waalwijk (NL)

Our proposal aims to connect the industrial fabric with the historical city of Waalwijk in order to create a lively area that merges two sides of a highway. This project is strategically located at a breaking point, next to the A59, and introduces a growth strategy based on two elements: belts that connect and hats that densify, with efficient mobility as a common thread.

Bridges for cyclists and pedestrians, together with a sequence of green spaces connected with existing passages strengthen the operativity of the area. Winterdijk and Taxandriaweg have two new façades: the first one is green, the second one is functional. Both contribute to the development of the city by building a circulatory platform on top of which residential projects arise (hats) and below which civic and commercial activities are fostered (hubs). The platform unfolds as a catalyst of urban life that will ensure the continuity of circulations between both sides.

  • Team: Més arquitectura & Quim Olea arquitectura | Olímpia Solà Inaraja (colab)

About merging two sides

SRBT integrated mobility system

New mobility hub & new bus lines

Public space with integrated mobility references

Mobility hub & smart mobility

Outdoors sphere references

Typologies in phases