Lluèrnia 2016

Location: Olot, Girona
Year: 2016
Surface: 30 m2
Status: Built


Winning proposal for the competition organised by AJAC (Young Architects Association of Catalonia) to participate in Lluèrnia 2016.

The proposal transforms the space by integrating the iconic elements of the existing surroundings and using the minimum amount of elements. The starting point is the slanted surface of Plaça Móra and the central location of the fountain at Carrer Hospici. These elements are reminiscent of a pathway that ends up with the monument of the angel at the end of the square. The proposal envisions a stairway to the sky representing something divine. It creates an ascension through a pathway made out of bubble wrap and illuminated on the sides that starts on ground level. This pathway folds up and creates a background to the fountain that ends at the highest point of the angel. The installation creates a heavenly atmosphere around. The transparency of the material and the lighting makes the installation become playful. The sound when jumping on the bubble wrap makes people interact and play to each other. These elements create the ‘Stairway to heaven’.

  • Team: midori arquitectura
The angel monument is the central element of the Plaça Móra and the starting point of the installation.
A horizontal and a vertical plane create a frame that embraces the angel as a mystical show.

The Lluèrnia festival takes place every year in Olot (Girona, Spain).

Artists from different fields present their installations based on fire and light.

The location is in the Olot city centre at the intersection of six streets.
The installation enhances this strategic place with a lightful pathway that raises up to the sky.
The material used is bubble wrap which becomes a playful element for everyone.



The installation is mainly built with three elements: L-shape aluminium profile, LED light strips -which are stuck on the interior side of the profile- and bubble wrap.

The stairway to heaven starts at street level as a carpet of bubble wrap that invites people to jump on it.
The most exciting moment takes places when people can not only touch the material but also jump and play on it.
Interview done by the organisation team of Lluèrnia to get to know the installations and their authors.
(In Catalan. English subtitles coming soon)