Concéntrico 07

Location: Logroño, La Rioja
Year: 2021
Surface: 10 m2
Status: Not built


Non-selected proposal for the International Architecture and Design Festival Concéntrico 07.

Ephemeral installation at Bodegas LAN.

A light and permeable promenade is our proposal to reconnect a broken connection taking the vineyard landscape as inspiration. The ground folds up and becomes a pathway that raises up to the starting point of Mantible bridge. The arches are a continuation of the old Roman bridge that used to connect this valley. In order to make this connection possible again, the installation takes the existing bridge and rotates its axis 90 degrees. The wooden pieces that create this pathway are placed along the whole length, and their shape evolves as the promenade raises. Five of this pieces are screwed in the concrete foundations as part of the structure. There are 4 arches in total measuring 2,5m each. There are 17 pieces per arch which are displayed in 4 wire ropes. By adapting the measurements of the pieces to the panel size (1200x2000mm) we optimise the material as much as possible by making, at least, 2 pieces per panel. From the 33 panels we use 29 to make 68 pieces and 4 to make the walkable part.

The new pathway is an extension of the heavy stone arches through a light wooden structure.


The installation is located in the border between La Rioja and the Basque Country, two Spanish provinces. The river defines the border between these two places that were connected by the Mantible bridge in the past. The pathway goes up to the starting point of the old bridge so that the original view from that side is recovered.

The front view gives a completely new perspective of the pathway when the arches are displayed along its whole length.
There are 4 arches in total. Each arch consists of several non-structural pieces (from 1 to 17) and 2 structural pieces (A0 to E0).
The 4 arches are 73 pieces in total.
Pieces legend
Material optimisation

Arches assembly

Pathway assembly

1. Build up the concrete foundations. Display and screw the structural arches to the foundations by using an L-shape profile.

2. Display and screw the 4 arches previously assembled on both sides of the structural arches.

3. Slide up the 4 walkable pieces along the setback that each piece has on both sides (10cm underneath the position of the walkable pieces). Display and assemble the polycarbonate cover.

The installation merges with the landscape due to its permeability.