Modular showroom

Year: 2015
Client: BHS and Sorigué
Status: Not built

Modular showroom is a prototype study that explores the different prefabrication possibilities of shipping containers. There are two study cases: 20 feet (≈6,1m) and 40 feet (≈12,2m). The program was required by the construction company and consisted of a technical office and showroom to display the projects that were under construction. The modular system and the rapid assembly allows increasing the surface by easily adding identical containers. This system also offers the possibility of customization of the finishings, becoming a marketing tool. The standard measurements ease the transportation and its reuse. Most of the work can be done in the factory which reduces the construction time and helps with the building process and the quality control. The dry construction system assembly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional construction.

  • Team: midori arquitectura
Interior view of two 20 feet containers.
The proposal consists of a wooden interior that brings cohesion and a warm atmosphere to the visitors.
Combination of two 20 feet containers that creates two connected spaces: a meeting room and a waiting room.
The setback brings privacy to the farthest spaces and also creates an access terrace.

Addition system

The first step consists of cutting the metallic sheet in a way that the 6 sides of it become the new facade&roof.
The containers are added one after the other in order to create the new box with interior and exterior spaces.


The last steps consist of adding the finishings and customizing the containers with a corporative image when it’s needed.
The leftover material is used as a movable facade that gives privacy and solar protection.
Interior view of two 40 feet containers.
There is a central space for meetings and exhibitions. On the sides there are working spaces and two terraces.
Combination of two 40 feet containers that creates a central space for meetings and exhibitions.
On the sides there are working spaces and two separated terraces.
The exterior is a customizable facade that becomes a marketing tool and an iconic point on the construction site.